Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post SB Jitters

Oh my..last spring break ever. I know what you're thinking for those of you in the working world -- "I don't feel sorry for you; I didn't even get a Spring Break." Fair enough. I'm lucky to be eased into adulthood.

Let's just say a mini-prayer and hope that Dr. Seuss with all his rhyming, magical wonders will be enough to captivate the attention of kids who have just enjoyed the non-demanding week that is Spring Break.

This week we will be decorating our "Cat in the Hat" Hats using our goals and playing a Dr. Seuss board game! This is easy for anyone to do/make your own master copy of a Dr. Seuss hat, then adapt it to fit whatever you want. For the articulation kids, they will have to put their target words in the hat; for the language kids, I will adjust it to meet their language needs/goals (fingers crossed that it goes well)!

Good luck this week, teacher & SLP friends!!

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