Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SLP & Teacher Respect!

In my humble opinion, I think one of the most undervalued jobs right now is ANY job in the schools. Why? Because the immediate thought of the "all-year, 9 to 5-ers" is "teachers (and speech paths) get summer! I'd teach just so I could get a 2-month break, spring AND Christmas break."

My advice for you is don't quit your day job. Teaching and speech pathology in the schools is not for the faint of heart. On any given day, you have figuratively been a counselor listening to a student's latest meltdown, a social worker for the student who is not getting treated properly at home, a friend for the student that no one will listen to....then on top of that, you do your job as (speech) teacher.

Can I just add (as a semi-germaphobe) the addition of sneezes/coughs in your face, the sweet (but dirty) little hand grabbing yours, or if you are having a REALLY bad day you will deal with the lovely joys of those smelly *not so little* toots that make you want to pass out.

 I won't lie- I had this perception in undergrad about school SLP's that: 
     a.) they get to just play fun speech games all day 
     b.) they have an easier job on the SLP spectrum because you are going mainly going to be dealing  with articulation and some language (SO NOT TRUE!)
     c.) You come at 8 and leave your work there at 3-4

SO WRONG. School SLP's have so much paperwork, so many meetings, so many kids on their caseload that it would make your brain explode! My practicum & supervisor have shown me that it is one of the most respectable jobs in the field and they deserve way more respect/pay than they receive! 

Anyways, all this to say -- show your appreciation to all those teachers. They work harder than you will ever realize!

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  1. Preach it SISTA! :) Love this! Thanks for your sweet words! ...and come on, the toots aren't THAT bad! LOL