Monday, March 26, 2012

Worst Parade EVER!

My Dad always tells me "I only run if someone is chasing me"; after my second 1/2 marathon, I think I'm going to start adopting this philosophy. 

The Dallas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon was a blast, but what is up with these course creators deciding that the first 8ish or so miles should be uphill? Anyways, it was still a blast to hear the bands as we ran along and I was lucky to have a wonderful running buddy to suffer run the 13.1 with. 

Some of my favorite signs were:
"Worst Parade Ever." --> as a marching band nerd who has been in many parades, I found this particularly funny
"Run faster...I just farted."
"Lauren = awesome" --> this was not specifically made for me, but I pretended like they were my fan
Plus all the cute, inspirational signs.

Here is a picture recap of what went down:
This is CLEARLY towards the beginning of the race (mile 4, I believe). Our mojo had diminished after the ridiculous hill around mile 8-9.

We did it !! Nothing feels better than being done with 13.1- other than eating whatever you want that day and not feeling an OUNCE of guilt about that. Heck, we burned over 2,300 calories!

Dustin was SO sweet and didn't complain once about getting up early on his last day of spring break. Instead, he and Darren (Ann's husband) were there to cheer us on at mile 4, 9, and 13.1!! We were lucky girls! Now I just have to convince him to run the Portland Rock N' Roll with me some year. How fun would that be?

Well everyone, that is the end of my "half-marathon career" for now. It was fun while it lasted, but the next time I get myself into gear for running that far, it will be somewhere super fun and cool!

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