Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Goodbyes of an SLP Grad Student

One of my least favorite aspects of being an SLP graduate student is the end-of-semester goodbyes. You have several months to get to know your patients (or this semester, students) and care about them & their progress. While you know they are going to be in the great hands they were in when you first came, it's hard to pick up and leave them not knowing what is next for them! I will be ready for the day that I am there from "beginning to end" and will be able to see the whole progression of a patient's progress from assessment to *hopefully* dismissal.

This semester is different from the rest...I don't just have ONE patient to say goodbye to, but rather THIRTY adorable little faces that I have come to care for. It was difficult informing them that this upcoming week is my last one. The questions of "when are you coming back" or "where are going--to another school?!" have been tough, but telling them I'm learning to be a speech teacher like theirs has been sufficient for most.

As my little "going-away present", I'm giving them a colorful bouncy ball with the attached note:

Being your speech teacher has been a BALL! [great for those kids working on figurative language] I'm so proud of all your hard work! Keep practicing and improving. 

Thanks for making my time at Parkway so fun, 
Ms. Lauren 

I couldn't have been luckier this semester. Not everyone has a placement that they look forward to going to everyday; I attribute this to a great school, great kids, and a wonderful supervisor who has taught me so much not only about being a speech pathologist in the schools, but how to be a better SLP in general. I have learned so much!

Time to switch gears...from the little ones to the OLDIES!!


  1. Sounds like a goo semester :)
    I want a colorful bouncy ball!

  2. The kids are going to miss you so much and so will I! :( such a sad day tomorrow!