Monday, May 14, 2012

I Said "YES!": 5-12-12

5.12.12 was hands down the best day of my life. To say that it was a surprise and a day full of emotions would be such an understatement; here's my attempt at best capturing the day and sharing it with you.

This weekend was completely off my "engagement radar" because of Dustin's graduation! I am so incredibly proud of him- he has worked extremely hard and has a position lined up at Whitley-Penn as a tax accountant. I was so ready for our year "apart" (with him in Norman and me in Dallas) to be over that I was elated that it was finally graduation and time to be in the same state for longer than a weekend!

Super happy & totally clueless. 
The Proposal:
   Dustin and I are both from Flower Mound, although we went to rival high schools. Ironically, we lived no more than 5 miles away from eachother for almost 7 years and it took being 170 miles north to meet. We met at the OU gym and it has been a wonderful *almost* 3 years together. 
   Because of where we met, Dustin wanted to propose on the OU campus (unbeknownst to me). After his graduation, his family went to "REST" and he suggested we go for a walk. Being an extremely sentimental person, I was all for a walk to stroll through the campus for the last time as students. 
    We got to my favorite part on the whole campus called the "South Oval", complete with gorgeous flowers and a view of all the pretty buildings/library. 
    I ended up playing right into his hand by saying "So, did you have a good day?" referring to his graduation and all his family being there. His response was "It was good, but it could be better." Then followed a very special and "perfect-for-us" proposal.

A few minutes after the proposal. Never been so happy!

The Celebration:
    Prior to the engagement, the plan was to celebrate Dustin's graduation at Nonna's in Oklahoma City. Well, after Dustin proposed he informed me that we were going to celebrate our engagement and that he brought in some special people to help! I am so lucky that both of my sisters, my brother-in-law, my parents, and my grandmother were all there for the occasion. I'm so grateful of them making the long trip to be there!! Dustin had all his family in town for graduation, so it was wonderful to have everyone there.
     Dustin's Mom and Dad organized the most beautiful and stunning dinner. No detail was left unnoticed and I cherished every moment of it. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful future "in-laws" who are so incredibly thoughtful. It was an absolutely perfect way to celebrate the day.
     My sisters and Becky put together an adorable bag full of "bride must-haves" complete with a homemade Bridal-planning book, ring holder, and plenty of bridal books/magazines. Furthermore, they supplied a too-cute "pinterest-esque" "SHE SAID YES!" banner! It's a good thing I said yes, huh? ...kidding.

Menu plus PERSONALIZED M&M's reading "Dustin & Lauren" "5-12-12" & "CONGRATS!"
What a beautiful location and set-up!
Love my family so much!
The Ring:
    The last piece to the surprise puzzle was the stunning ring; however, it's stunning for reasons other than appearance. While we were at dinner, my Dad was making a toast and completely/utterly shocked me. The center stone that is in my beautiful ring belonged to my Mom's wedding ring. My Dad told me in such a heartfelt manner that I would love to share with you sometime personally, if you are interested.
    I'm so blessed to have a part of her that was so important to her during her lifetime; although I would MUCH rather have my Mom around instead of the diamond, I thought it was such a beautiful gesture that I will be eternally grateful to my Dad, sister, and Dustin.
    I feel that is important to mention along with this section how lucky I am to have such a wonderful stepmom in Becky. God really is in all the details and putting her in my life was the biggest gift I (or my family) could have ever been given out of something so tragic. I can't wait to plan my wedding with Becky who really is my Mom now and my best friend.

So, thank you for reading and joining me on this fun adventure. I'm so lucky to have Dustin in my life. He has been so thoughtful, generous, fun, caring, and loving to me; I can't wait for our lives together and to share with you along the way.

With love,


  1. Just beautiful, Lauren.....all of "it". I'm so happy for you both...and for your families (me included!heehee!) Dustin is one lucky guy, as is his family, to "get" you! I know that we all look forward to knowing Dustin and having him become a part of our "crazy Brockman Family"! Love you!

  2. Every part of this is just wonderful. I am thrilled for you two!!!

  3. Congratulations Lauren!! You are so deserving of such a great day and (more importantly) a wonderful life with Dustin. I couldn't be more excited for you! Enjoy!!


  4. Awesome story Lauren! Congrats to you and Dustin!


  5. This is such a lovely story and a gorgeous thing to include in your ring - how thoughtful.
    Congratulations & good luck to you and Dustin :)

    Jesss xo

  6. I just cried at work reading your story. Congratulations! ~Colby

  7. HOLY COW! Your ring is stunning!
    Sweet, sweet proposal story. :) Kevin proposed to me in the union courtyard. :)

  8. OH I forgot to add, what you're from flowermound? My best friends in college were from flowermound!