Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When it suns, it shines?

"When it rains, it pours."

A popular saying, right?! What about the opposite?

"When it suns, it shines?" No clue what the opposite saying is or should be. But I'm living whatever the positive version of " when it rains, it pours" is. Things are finally picking up in the job search. Went from having NO interviews, to legitimately talking to several people on Friday (plus my first interview). So many of you have been sweetly inquiring on how it's going, so here is the official update. More will come as I know it.

Patience really does pay off (not that it didn't include some self-doubt and poor Dustin having to listen to me weigh out every possible job option).

Furthermore, I get married in almost 6 months.
Holy "what have you been doing for the past 6 months" moly. 

All I know is this, no matter what, my guests will have food, a cake, a bride (who will be dressed), and a groom (who as of right now has nothing). Atleast the essentials are taken care of, right?

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