Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where There is Great Love...

 "Where there is great love, there are always miracles."  
-Willa Cather

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, believe in this quote. It speaks so fully to me that I want to share with you a touching moment that I recently had. As many of you know, my life has been shaped by the loss of my Mom when I was 11, and the subsequent gaining of a new, wonderful Mom in Becky. 

As lucky as I am to have had 2 wonderful Moms, the coming of your wedding brings forth new emotions of having lost a parent (as I know more than several of you can sadly relate). It brings questions of things such as "What did my Mom think about her wedding? What was she most excited about? What kind of bride was she? What would she be like now as my mother of the bride? What kinds of things would she want for me with my wedding?" 

These questions, while many can speculate, can never be answered by the mouth of the person that I really wish I could hear them from. While I try not dwell on this, it has come to my mind throughout this whole wedding process.

Then, the other day, I received an unexpected card in the mail from a sweet cousin of mine. 

At first, I was immediately confused because I saw a letter addressed to my cousin in my card? In an instant later, I recognized the perfect, meticulous cursive handwriting and a huge lump gathered in my was my Mom's handwriting. 

In it, details of what she wanted for bridesmaids dresses/shoes/accessories as well as how she was coming along with making her wedding dress. My heart skipped a beat seeing a detail about her wedding dress that I suddenly realized is in my mine.

Little similarities in sentences, same trains of thoughts made my eyes well up, realizing that even though she isn't here, we have more in common than I knew before.... realizing that she really is with me in spirit throughout this process, even if I don't always know it. 

My dear cousin provided one of the greatest gifts anyone could, a glimpse of my Mom.

As the quote above states, with great love, there are always miracles. My mom's great love is still with me, even though she isn't here, and that glimpse into her life was a miracle to me.


  1. What a wonderful surprise!! Although I never knew your mom, I know she was a such a wonderful woman from the way you talk about her, and from the beautiful soul she instilled in you. Happy wedding planning!