Sunday, April 28, 2013

Two Words.

Two words.

Cake tasting: Could that have made my Saturday any more perfect? I think not. Cake tasting has HANDS DOWN been my most favorite part of the wedding process. It's not just because of my sweet tooth, but it was because the lady assisting us was so wonderful, so stress-free, and really seemed to care about getting things EXACTLY the way we want. She started out by finding out exactly what I wanted and then worked to make it fit into our budget without a single complaint or a single push to add this or that and send us into a budgeting tail-spin. I want to go back and repeat this over and over.

Two words.

Invitations Sent: Our wedding invitations are out and in the mail. Holy MOLY. THIS IS REAL NOW.
Late night run to the mail box in mix-matched pjs

Two words.

This is what usually happens when I get home. I know, bad.
Help Me....Meal Planning: I need help ladies. I have gotten into the terrible habit of flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to dinner. So what happens? I come home exhausted from work and then I either make some ridiculous dinner (usually sandwich, pretzels, salad and fruit) or Dustin and I will go out to eat. THAT is not helping this bride feel slim and sassy. So, help me ladies :) I want any and all tips you have.

Do you like to plan every single meal of your week on Sundays and repeat the next Sunday? Are you a "crock-potter" and throw everything into the crockpot? Are you one who plans a few meals and then wings a couple? Let me know what works best for you. I'm in the process of trying what to see what fits for us and I can use every ounce of advice you ladies have.

Two words.

Thank you.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Beautiful Bridal Shower

If I had to describe my bridal shower using only one word, I would say "PERFECT." There is never a more humbling experience than when all your loved ones (both family & friends alike) come from all over to celebrate with you. I am beyond blessed. 

My two sisters, Leslie & Megan along with my Mom, Becky were so gracious to host a shower. They literally thought of EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. They stayed up all night preparing it all! Everything from the decor to the food (I'm a sucker for a pinwheel- you girls know what I'm talking about) to the games were pure perfection. I wanted to keep squealing with excitement during the shower because everytime I turned, I saw something new & adorable.

It was so wonderful to see all my favorite people in one spot and introduce them all to each other. I know I am biased, but I have the best family & friends around. My sisters planned an ADORABLE game to play that involved mustaches & lips. They would read a sentence and you used the mustaches & lips to answer....ex."Who would you rather have help you recover from a stroke?" Haha. All the lips were up; however, on the "Who would you rather do your taxes" question, the choice was clear.

In conclusion, I am the luckiest bride that has ever existed. The countdown is ON people. Less than 3 months, I will finally become Mrs. Lauren Hultman! Enjoy some more fun pictures from Saturday

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/15: Day of Downs & Ups

April 15th was quite the day for a variety of reasons. First of all, it must be mentioned, that all of those affected by the tragic events at the Boston marathon are in my thoughts & prayers. I actually heard about the events first from my sweet blogging friend, Laura, who I was already texting. I can't imagine the chaos and the terror that all those there and all the loved ones must have felt. Needless to say, continued prayers will be given -- the rest of us have gone on with our "regular lives" and the people affected have just started a difficult journey.

On a very opposite/unrelated note, I was happy for "tax day" to be here because this means I OFFICIALLY get my fiance back :) Most people loathe 4/15...not this girl! He has been working so incredibly hard (just about 7 days a week; 12 hr days sometimes) and I'm glad for his sake that he gets a well-deserved break. I'm selfishly glad for my sake that I will get to see more of this cutie.

To celebrate, I made him a pathetic meal of mac n' cheese, hamburgers, and salad. Poor guy. Like I said on my Instagram, Betty Crocker I am not. Working on that....

Excited for "Wedding Wednesday" and my first time linking up with #wildcard wednesday

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Bowl-Cut Lauren

Dear Little Bowl-Cut Lauren,

I wanted to write you a message letting you know, things will get better.... 

Eventually, you will let your Mom & Dad wash your hair without kicking, screaming, and putting up a huge fit. In fact, that was the main reason you were punished with this horrific cut. 

I was horrified too, Dad.
Yes, people will probably say to your Mom "what a cute little boy you have" or your sister, Leslie, will forever call you "BROTHER"...but I promise eventually you'll have all the hair in the world. OR, even better, your Mom & Dad will bestow the same hair cut on her for a brief period of time. 

Two Little "Brothers" at Christmas. Oh, the karma ;)
But, trust me, it will get will start to grow a little ponytail (what you call a "waterfall") on that bowl of a haircut and eventually magically change from a little mushroom top head of a boy into a real girl.

The better "bowl cut" days...with a bow.

Note to self: No matter how much my child hates having their hair washed, 

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P.S- A huge THANKS to Marquis over at Simply Clarke for my gorgeous new design!! I'm in love!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Changes are Coming!!

Changes are coming to SLP Sooner or Later including....

-MORE posts. This shouldn't be difficult considering you can't write less than 1x/month.
-NEW design. This is all thanks to Marquis over at Simply Clarke.
-Wedding Wednesday. Posts all wedding related on WEDNESDAY.. Yup, I'm gonna be that girl.

Can't wait to step up my "blogging game". I have started following so many wonderful, relatable blogs that constantly keep me entertained when I get home from work. I'm hoping to become one of those :)

Stay tuned!!

P.S- This goober made this little post take FOREVER to write. Can you say SPOILED?