Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/15: Day of Downs & Ups

April 15th was quite the day for a variety of reasons. First of all, it must be mentioned, that all of those affected by the tragic events at the Boston marathon are in my thoughts & prayers. I actually heard about the events first from my sweet blogging friend, Laura, who I was already texting. I can't imagine the chaos and the terror that all those there and all the loved ones must have felt. Needless to say, continued prayers will be given -- the rest of us have gone on with our "regular lives" and the people affected have just started a difficult journey.

On a very opposite/unrelated note, I was happy for "tax day" to be here because this means I OFFICIALLY get my fiance back :) Most people loathe 4/15...not this girl! He has been working so incredibly hard (just about 7 days a week; 12 hr days sometimes) and I'm glad for his sake that he gets a well-deserved break. I'm selfishly glad for my sake that I will get to see more of this cutie.

To celebrate, I made him a pathetic meal of mac n' cheese, hamburgers, and salad. Poor guy. Like I said on my Instagram, Betty Crocker I am not. Working on that....

Excited for "Wedding Wednesday" and my first time linking up with #wildcard wednesday

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  1. Loving your blog Lauren! Yesterday was a really sad day, but I'm glad you got to see your fiance after all the tax drama.
    New follower! I'm looking forward to your next blog post and learning more about you!