Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Bowl-Cut Lauren

Dear Little Bowl-Cut Lauren,

I wanted to write you a message letting you know, things will get better.... 

Eventually, you will let your Mom & Dad wash your hair without kicking, screaming, and putting up a huge fit. In fact, that was the main reason you were punished with this horrific cut. 

I was horrified too, Dad.
Yes, people will probably say to your Mom "what a cute little boy you have" or your sister, Leslie, will forever call you "BROTHER"...but I promise eventually you'll have all the hair in the world. OR, even better, your Mom & Dad will bestow the same hair cut on her for a brief period of time. 

Two Little "Brothers" at Christmas. Oh, the karma ;)
But, trust me, it will get will start to grow a little ponytail (what you call a "waterfall") on that bowl of a haircut and eventually magically change from a little mushroom top head of a boy into a real girl.

The better "bowl cut" days...with a bow.

Note to self: No matter how much my child hates having their hair washed, 

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P.S- A huge THANKS to Marquis over at Simply Clarke for my gorgeous new design!! I'm in love!


  1. OMG! I'm loving your new design as well!! Also, digging the bowl-cut!

  2. Bowl cuts were all the rage in our childhoods lol. I was spared, my sister was not. I still laugh when I look at the pics... seriously what were our parents thinking??

  3. Haha cute post. And love the design!

  4. Ah this is such a cute post!
    I'm so grateful I loved baths as a child, this is exactly the sort of thing my mum would've done haha!

    Jesss xo