Sunday, April 28, 2013

Two Words.

Two words.

Cake tasting: Could that have made my Saturday any more perfect? I think not. Cake tasting has HANDS DOWN been my most favorite part of the wedding process. It's not just because of my sweet tooth, but it was because the lady assisting us was so wonderful, so stress-free, and really seemed to care about getting things EXACTLY the way we want. She started out by finding out exactly what I wanted and then worked to make it fit into our budget without a single complaint or a single push to add this or that and send us into a budgeting tail-spin. I want to go back and repeat this over and over.

Two words.

Invitations Sent: Our wedding invitations are out and in the mail. Holy MOLY. THIS IS REAL NOW.
Late night run to the mail box in mix-matched pjs

Two words.

This is what usually happens when I get home. I know, bad.
Help Me....Meal Planning: I need help ladies. I have gotten into the terrible habit of flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to dinner. So what happens? I come home exhausted from work and then I either make some ridiculous dinner (usually sandwich, pretzels, salad and fruit) or Dustin and I will go out to eat. THAT is not helping this bride feel slim and sassy. So, help me ladies :) I want any and all tips you have.

Do you like to plan every single meal of your week on Sundays and repeat the next Sunday? Are you a "crock-potter" and throw everything into the crockpot? Are you one who plans a few meals and then wings a couple? Let me know what works best for you. I'm in the process of trying what to see what fits for us and I can use every ounce of advice you ladies have.

Two words.

Thank you.

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  1. Cake tasting is for sure the best part of a wedding. Our cake was key lime with strawberry cream and the groom's cake was peanut butter with chocolate filling.

    Oh and thanks for posting this so early, I now want cake for breakfast.

  2. I'm horrible with meal planning too. I even bought a meal for 2 meal planner and it has all the weeks planned out and even came with a shopping list. I think it was too much structure for me haha ;-)