Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Beautiful Bridal Shower

If I had to describe my bridal shower using only one word, I would say "PERFECT." There is never a more humbling experience than when all your loved ones (both family & friends alike) come from all over to celebrate with you. I am beyond blessed. 

My two sisters, Leslie & Megan along with my Mom, Becky were so gracious to host a shower. They literally thought of EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. They stayed up all night preparing it all! Everything from the decor to the food (I'm a sucker for a pinwheel- you girls know what I'm talking about) to the games were pure perfection. I wanted to keep squealing with excitement during the shower because everytime I turned, I saw something new & adorable.

It was so wonderful to see all my favorite people in one spot and introduce them all to each other. I know I am biased, but I have the best family & friends around. My sisters planned an ADORABLE game to play that involved mustaches & lips. They would read a sentence and you used the mustaches & lips to answer....ex."Who would you rather have help you recover from a stroke?" Haha. All the lips were up; however, on the "Who would you rather do your taxes" question, the choice was clear.

In conclusion, I am the luckiest bride that has ever existed. The countdown is ON people. Less than 3 months, I will finally become Mrs. Lauren Hultman! Enjoy some more fun pictures from Saturday

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