Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Five Truths, No Lie

Hello to everyone who has stumbled upon SLP Sooner or Later through the Sunglasses & Starbucks Giveaway hosted by SimplyClarke, myself and friends :) Get even more entries below if you haven't done so already.

I wanted to provide even more of an introduction of myself, so here are my five truths, no lie ;)

1. I am SUPER double jointed. My elbows, arms and legs all look like they have been broken and barely put back together. This made for great "party" tricks and still continues to make my Grandmother gasp.

2. I have an extremely irrational fear of whales. Don't ask me why because I couldn't even tell you. I think it all started when my big sister told me that whales could come out of our pool light. For some reason, this started my GROWN-UP fear of whales. Don't worry, I know they don't live in pools. For some bizarre reason though, I am so overwhelmed by their massive size and the creepy, murky water they live in....I'm getting sweaty just typing this.
Needless to say, my poor children will have to live without gracing the Shamu exhibit at Seaworld (or atleast doing it without their Mom).

3. I broke my jaw during the last week of 6th grade. I haven't been through childbirth, so I bet I can't say this is the WORST pain I will ever feel in my life, but I have a feeling it will rank in the top 5. I was on a friend's motorized scooter and I was trying to be more adventurous (because I'm the biggest worry-wart that ever lived)....well, clearly that didn't pan out well for me.

To make matter worse? I split open my chin and, therefore, had to get stitches on my chin that hung down...and yes, it looked like I had a goatee. And yes, that was not fun in 6th grade.

4. My family and I like to pretend think that our dogs are little people with real thoughts. We like to imagine that they have opinions and little accents. My list is starting to make me think I have some problems....

5. Someday, I will have to share the story of how my sister and step-sister "set up" my step-mom and Dad...PARENT TRAP style. Stay tuned :) It's a story that starts out with a little heartbreak, but ends up to be a happy one.

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  1. You are awesome! Love your blog growth :) so excited for you!

  2. I'm with ya on number 4 100%!

  3. Hey girl! I found you through Karla! :) Love your blog & #1 That is a super cool trick!! haha :)

  4. I found your blog through Karla, you are ADORABLE and I am already in love with this blog of yours!

    cannot wait to follow along:)

  5. Dogs totally are people and they'd definitely have accents if we weren't busy speaking for them!
    Lovely list :)

    Jess xo