Friday, May 10, 2013

Special Kind of Mom

 With Mother's Day this weekend, I wanted to write a post about my "step-mom" (although I don't really consider her to be a "step" anything...she is my mom now.)

Becky "became" my Mom in June 2001 before I entered 7th grade. I didn't know it at the time, but she would end up being one of my best friends. Initially, having a "new mom" shocked me. 12-year-old me had certain ideas/routines in place and things obviously change when two families blend. I was worried how having this new mom would affect my relationship with my Mom who was unfortunately no longer around. Questions running through my head included "Will she make me forget my Mom? Is she going to come in and try to change everything my mom had in place? What would my Mom think if I really started to fact, LOVE, my "new Mom?"
Well, I did love my her... it would have been impossible not to. I truly believe God could not have found a more perfect wife/Mom to put in our lives. My Dad was able to share his life again with a new best friend and my sister & I had a mother-figure in our lives again.

Becky could not have been MORE gracious, patient, understanding, kind, loving, caring...every single positive adjective you can think of. Being an adult now, I realize how strange it would be to come into a home where someone else lived with all their things and all their pictures... but Becky didn't change a thing. All my Mom's pictures stayed up, all my Mom's decorations stayed up. MOST importantly? My Mom's memory remained all while developing a new mother/daughter relationship. Becky ALWAYS encouraged me (and still does) to talk about my Mom and never made me feel guilty for missing her or dealing with my grief.

The truth is I know that my Mom would be so grateful to Becky. I know my Mom must look down and be so appreciative to have someone love my sister & I the way that she would if she could have been here. Becky would do anything for me in a heartbeat and is always making me feel like I AM her daughter. Nothing "step" about it. My life wouldn't be the same without her and I will forever be grateful for everything she has done for our family. 
Becky is my best friend. She is my Mom.
Happy Mother's Day, Becky.

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  1. You should have put :warning don't read in public: haha pretty much crying at work here!!
    Beautiful Post Lauren!

  2. Hi! I am a new follower to your blog. This is such a beautiful story, love it!


  3. Aw this is a lovely post, I'm sure it means a lot to Becky that you think of her as your mom, too.

    Jess xo