Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer "Must-Do's"

My Summer "Must-Do's":

1. Take more pictures...with a real camera. Ever since I got my iPhone, I have stopped utilizing my camera. This means the quality of my pictures aren't as good, plus I am missing out on some serious memories that I know I will want to look back on.

2. Go to Drive-in movie. Can you tell I'm really itching to do that?

3. Be adventurous for the day. I'm such a planned person & everyday I have some kind of schedule/plan. I want to wake up on a Saturday & do something unplanned/unexpected with Dustin. 

4. Spend time with my Dad. I feel like things have been so busy that I have barely gotten to spend some good 1-on-1 time with him. It's time to set up a Father/Daughter date & go ride on his motorcycle. Love that guy

5. Set up my first blogging link-up. Time to get out of the box & get creative. I already have some ideas brewing. 

6. Go to a Rangers Game. Try not to get sun-burnt.

7. Have my first "green" shake full of spinach lettuce & fruit. Trying to find a good/tasty recipe. I feel so skeptical about this. 

8. Get out that flute & play some duets with my sweet friend, Kim (read: be a band nerd).

9. Clean out old clothes & donate. If I haven't worn it in a year, then it needs to find a home that needs it more. 


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  1. What a great Summer to-do list! I'm currently thinking of a creative link-up to do, but those creative juices are not flowing these days...*sigh*. And I'm also looking for a 'green' smoothie recipe. I bought ingredients to try a few this week, so fingers crossed!

    Praying you are able to accomplish all of these things this summer! :)

  2. 11. Meet up with Sarah from Limited Space Organizing because she is awesome and we live in the same town! :) jk, but We should grab the guys and meet up at a Ranger's game!


  3. Can't wait to see your link-up ideas! I also need to be more adventurous, I am such a planned person too! Please share the shake recipe if it turns out good, I literally want to run from these because I am also very skeptical, but I have heard that yummy recipes do exist!