Sunday, May 19, 2013

Truck Hunting

WHAT. A. WEEK!!! If this week is any indication of how nuts the month of the wedding is, then I could be in trouble! From just going to work each day plus premarital counseling, after hour work events, going out of town, family in town, etc., it has felt like the week has just flown by with no respite. 

The Highlights: Since I've been gone, Dustin & I went to a family wedding in Oklahoma at the horse racing track (so much fun!). First of all, I'm a sucker for a wedding :) Plus, it was neat because it was at a pretty horse racing track, so there was lots to look at all the time! For some reason, going to that wedding made me realize "HELLO, your wedding is in almost 2 months. Get busy!" More on that later.
The biggest thing that has happened this week? WE BOUGHT A TRUCK! It's official! 
Buying a truck came with a flurry of emotions: excitement, nervous, frustration, skepticism, get the idea. 

In the end, we found just what Dustin what looking for! While I'm NO expert on car buying, I think my biggest tip of advice for anyone would be to SLOW DOWN. While I was there, I felt that on occasion, they would ask a really huge question and just expect an answer (obviously we felt like to pressure us into a quick yes/no). On MULTIPLE occasions, I asked "for a minute" so that Dustin & I could discuss. For once, I didn't feel "sorry" for taking up so much of their time or "bad" for asking so many questions. Buying a car is a huge commitment and Dustin & I took our sweet time making that decision. 
Other piece of advice from a non-expert? RESEARCH HEAVILY beforehand. Luckily, Dustin has been obsessed with buying a truck, so he had done every in & out of research. Because we probably had "first-time car buyers" written on our faces (& credit history), we felt they probably thought they hit the jackpot. Dustin was ready when the first HIGH offer (plus lots of stuff on what a great price they're giving us for being first time car buyers) came back with his rebuttal of research...the salesman looked incredibly shocked & I accidentally smiled really big. 
 Thank goodness our SIX hours at the dealership are done.

What's next for us now? Time for that drive-in movie....and "to haul stuff."

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  1. It seems like there were weddings EVERYWHERE this weekend!!!