Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Staying Sane

Planning a wedding means one thing: you better be organized.

There are SO many minute details that can easily overwhelm you if you let them. So this Wedding Wednesday, I'm devoting a post to STAYING SANE. Whether you are currently a bride-to-be or have already gotten married, you know that being ahead of the curve in planning is the best way to stay calm. Here are some of the things that are helping me:

1. Get as much done before you have to. Dustin & I have devoted Memorial Day Weekend to a whole slew of wedding "To-Do's" in order to prevent July from being a massive, chaotic mess. Gather together your wedding party gifts months in advance, do your thank you notes as you get gifts, research your options before you have to get it done (hotel blocking, florist, decorations, etc.)

2. Use visual aids. I am such a visual person. Writing down lists, using little sticky notes to try out different table seating arrangements (check out The Knotty Bride where I found that idea). Mark out your To-Do list as you go to make you feel better about your progress. Check & Check!
3. Accept Help. This one can be tough for me. I always feel bad whenever someone offers to help because I'm scared of wasting their time. The thing I have to remind myself is that people wouldn't offer if they didn't mean it, PLUS these are people who love me & are trying to help take some of the load off. I am trying to get better at this one...key word, TRYING.

4. Let your Groom take on responsibility. I know some girls want to do it all themselves & that is fine. I, on the other hand, can easily get overwhelmed. The process of having Dustin help & be a big part of the planning, assembling, and decision-making has greatly reduced my stress. Next weekend, he will be helping spray paint centerpieces & paint wooden direction signs. I have also divided up some of the tasks & given him a "Honey-Do list" to take some off my plate. The best part is that he never complains & wants to be involved. 
5. STOP & Smell the Roses. This is something that I am genuinely trying to do (even though I'm not always the best at it). You only have one wedding...this process is supposed to be enjoyable & exciting. Try not to get caught up in the minutia of details & sit back/remind yourself:
"You are about to have one of the best days of your life. 
You get to marry your best friend."

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  1. Love this post! And it's sooo true! It's easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done and forget about the true meaning behind all that you're doing. And it's VERY stressful. Just think, though, you're almost there!

    And your to-do list makes me very grateful that all the planning and stress of my wedding is over. :) Enjoy the time you have left in planning yours!

  2. I some how came across your blog last week and just wanted to say hello! I'm a future SLP as well, but love your blog and can't wait to keep reading!! feel free to stop by mine :)


  3. Accept help! YES! That one was hard for me too.
    I just love these. I could have used these about a year ago!! hahaa
    Love this so much!

  4. GREAT tips! We got married just over 2 years ago and it can be very overwhelming but I'd definitely say that these tips are some of the biggest things that can help the whole process. Plus, I like the last one - it goes by SO fast. Enjoy every single second!

  5. That is soooo cute!!!! I swear ya'll are the cutest couple ever :)

  6. Hey Lauren! I'm Ginny a new blogger from NC. I found you through Newlywed Moments and her link-up announcement today. I'm getting married May 4th, 2014 and I'm excited to follow this link-up and participate as well. I love this post because I'm just like you, I need help but am afraid to ask. But I've found that people are more willing to help than I thought. So don't be scared. That is what family and friend are here to do. Support you and Dustin.

  7. Great tips!! The most important one is definitely to stop and enjoy it. It's so stressful, yes, but I love remembering certain aspects of wedding planning. It was a very exciting and wonderful time for us, and I'm glad I did my best to enjoy it.