Friday, May 3, 2013

What the Truck?

 Oh the joys pain joys of car-buying. 

Dustin & I will be getting married in July; however, our "first big purchase" will happen in May. The lease on Dustin's car is up at the end of May and he really wanted to buy his next car. And what does he want? A truck.

Now, I completely think this is his decision, but what woman/almost wife wouldn't put her input in? My first comment was....but you're a tax accountant, what are you going to do with a truck
He looked at me and said what any guy would, "Haul stuff."
If he can guarantee this situation, no complaints here.
Ultimately, I think the truck will make a great car for him and I know he has been dying for one since he was in high school (someone is definitely living out their car dreams). 

So talk to me many of your husbands/fiances/boyfriends have a truck? Have you loved it?

I can't wait to break it in by filling it with blankets & pillows, then heading off to the drive-in movie theatre ;)

Yes, yes, & yes.

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  1. But there's something about a truck....

    My husband has a truck and it's hard to get all our carseats in there. ;)

  2. Haha, Scott's first vehicle purchase (with me in the picture) was a truck too. I was just like you... I was 50/50 about it. He loved it! And I got used to it after a while. He had it for a little over a year and then traded it in because the gas $$$ was insane. He was spending close to $500 just in gas alone for the truck. Crazy! I must say though, when that truck got traded in, I shed a tear. I really ended up liking it! =)

  3. We have a truck. I don't mind it... the only reason I don't LOVE it is because its a little less than ideal when its time to pick up family from the airport. Great for luggage, not much space for people.

  4. Found your blog through the give-away and adore it!! My husband got a truck right before we got engaged, and we joked that it was his engagement "ring." I don't mind it. I definitely feel safe when we're driving in it, but I want nothing to do with it! It also takes up way more space in the garage then I'd care for! My only requirement was it had to seat 4 comfortably so we could someday fit kids in there. We've taken it on lots of trips with friends and they've all remarked how comfy it is. For now, I like it ;)