Thursday, June 20, 2013

Giddy Countdown

6.20.13 as in one more month until 7.20.13. 

I can't believe that we are only 30 days until "I do" and today was a perfect day to get me excited for the big day. I started out with an exciting email from Marquis over at Simply Clarke saying I won her Birthday Giveaway. For starters, I love this girl to begin with. She is the one who designed my blog and she was so wonderful to work with start to finish. To this day, she continues to encourage me, help me with blog questions...she truly is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. I already was lucky enough to know Ashley from It is What You Make It and Samantha from Hooah & Hiccups and I'm starting to get to know a whole crew of new wonderful blogs (thank you ladies)! I realize I have shouted this from all the social media rooftops...sorry. I'm just excited.

The next amazing part was the SURPRISE delivery of flowers at work. One of my coworkers told me I had a flower delivery in the therapy office and I looked at her like she was crazy. I thought she mixed me up with one of the other speech therapists there...nope, beautiful flowers from my sister, Leslie. It had a super sweet note with it reminding me that today was the ONE month countdown. Could you get any luckier than that? 

This whole engagement/wedding process has been so wonderful for me- Dustin & I are so blessed to have such amazing people to go through this journey together. My other sister, Megan, has been so sweet to give monthly countdown surprises as well! Each month has been different, ranging from Brides magazine, ring holder, cute bachelorette purse...each has just made my day! 

So lucky to have such thoughtful & sweet people to share in this excitement with, including each of you. 

P.S. I promise this space won't always be so wedding-centered. That is what is currently dominating my life right now :)

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  1. So exciting!! Congrats, cannot wait to see all the pictures!

  2. Hey there. Love the flowers. that was very sweet of her. very exciting too. it'll be here in no time. CONGRATS.

    Would love for you to come by and link up with me and my blog friends. Be sure to answer the question too. It's "How did you meet your boyfriend, fiance or husband? (which ever applies to you) and What nice things does he do for you. Be sure to tell your other blog friends about my blog hop and point them in my direction.

  3. OH Gosh! You won a giveaway AND got flowers? Score! I'm kinda jealous about the flowers... its been AGES!! Oh hubby.....!!!! ;)

    I think you have the sweetest sisters ever! I'm totally going to do something like that the next time one of my siblings gets married. I just wish I could back time up about 6 months and do that for my best friend! Especially since I can't be at her wedding *tear*.

    Anyhoo... enjoy these last days, make TONS of memories, and if you get a seconds write them down so you can remember these feelings when you're old and grey... or 30. Same thing ;)

  4. You are adorable lady :) Beautiful flowers! Enjoy this last month before the big day!

  5. It was a great week for you lady!!! Makes my heart so happy you won!! I can't believe it's so close. I'm so excited for you and all the fun. Don't forget your picture list!! :)