Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Because...

Last week, I was touched by a moment I had with a patient of mine, and felt that it was important to share. Nowadays, in the land of Instagram-every-second and FB-your-every-thought, there is not much that people keep to themselves (note: I am completely guilty of this...addicted to all my social medias). So often you see people posting their flowers, sweet notes, and kind gestures from their husband/fiance/boyfriend AND THAT'S FINE (again, I AM GUILTY of this).

But, I working with a patient in her apartment and saw these notes from her deceased husband strewn throughout each room. They were gingerly taped to whatever place would hold the little scraps of paper...and it became one of those moments I had to bite my tongue to keep the tears away.

...."I love you for all the little things you do for me...."
..."You are perfect in every way"...
..."I appreciate all your hard work around our home and love knowing that I get to come home to my loving, beautiful wife..."

Her husband had posted these little notes JUST BECAUSE. They weren't for show...they weren't for other people to see. They were notes of love & appreciation for his wife whom he adored JUST BECAUSE.

Last weekend, my sister went to buy my cookie cake for my bachelorette party & her card wouldn't work. Because she lives in Nashville, the bank flagged her card as stolen for all the Texas purchases she was making. While she was on the phone with the bank, a stranger paid for the entire cake... but didn't want Megan to know until the person had left. A genuinely kind act...JUST BECAUSE.

Every now & then, take a moment and do something sweet for someone JUST BECAUSE. 

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P.S- Stay tuned for Wednesday's Wedding Bachelorette RECAP :) 


  1. This is absolutely precious! I love those things 'just becasue' and in today's society, it's so true that we all become consumed with 'showing off' or posting anything and everything for all the world to see! It's like it's not good enough if you can't post it online somewhere. I started tearing up just reading this sweet story about the patient and her husband, I would've broken down if I experienced it first hand! So amazing.

  2. Hey Girl!

    That happened to me one time at Target. My card wouldn't work (and yes there was money on it---every so often that happens where the strip wont read. Promise) and a lady with her 2 screaming kids paid for my $20 check out order. It was so nice! I refused her help but she insisted. See there ARE kind people in the world. You just don't see it enough! :)


  3. Love this!! Nice reminder to not get caught up in Social Media!