Friday, June 14, 2013


I don't know what it is lately, but I have noticed that I have picked up some bad, LAZY habits that it's time to break. Maybe if I'm honest with myself (and you all), I will force myself to kick 'em outta my life. What do people say? It takes 30 days to kick a habit?

1. I am so slow at responding to people lately- SORRY EVERYONE! I will read the text/email or hear the voicemail and think to myself "I will respond after I do x,y,z" and then I completely forget to respond. I end up feeling like a forgetful jerk.

2. Packing lunch. What is it about not wanting to pack a lunch the night before that has me taking a pathetic serving of yogurt, granola, & apple everyday instead of a truly hearty lunch? I don't know, but I gotta start planning ahead so I can actually eat better! Imagine that.
Like this little gem my friend sent to me. Hilarious.

3. Blogging. I am sorry blog, but you have just taken such a backseat lately. I feel like my blog had started to become the red-headed stepchild to my life (sorry Dustin- I always use that phrase..hah!). I need to return to doing the things I enjoy, which includes reading all my favorite blogs & being inspired to write more.

4. Uploading pictures. I take all these super-cute pictures of friends/family and what do I do with them? NOTHING! I need to start uploading them and printing them out. In 50 years from now, I need something tangible and not have to try to explain to my grandkids about this thing called Facebook and how all my pictures are stuck in internet past. 
5. I have started waking up alarmingly close to the time I should be LEAVING for work. This means I'm starting to look pretty SPECIAL (read: bare minimum makeup, very frizzy hair. read: straight up mess) for my day. Is it wrong that I'm thankful some old people can't see me very well? Ummm.. yes, it is wrong. I'm the worst. 

By the way, thank you all so much for the great wedding advice! I am definitely going to take it to heart and enjoy all the special moments I have coming up! 

Go check out my sweet blogging friend, Karla's blog (Forever Newly Wedded), where I was a guest today! I got to blab all about honeymoons and how Dustin & I are going to COSTA RICA!
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  1. You are not lazy crazy lady. You are BUSY!!! Hehe hope your getting to relax a little this weekend. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  2. Ironically, I have been doing a lot of the same thing! I think you (like me) need a time out to then get ready to take on the world again

    Good luck

    x Natalie