Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: #brockbach

What is #brockbach? It stands for Brockman Bachelorette party...a.k.a. the best bachelorette party EVER! I have to tell you, I truly have the best family & friends. There were multiple times throughout the day and night where I just looked around and thought to myself "I am so blessed. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my life." Does it get better than that?

Okay, here was the #brockbach breakdown. 

1. Painting with a Twist: Everyone started out painting this super cute painting with help from the sweet instructor and, of course, a little wine. 

2. Next was the big surprise: LIMO!!!! So much fun to all get to ride everywhere together and not worry about driving. My sisters completed the amazingness with cute glasses, big light-up rings, and tea cups for some champagne!!! 

3. Dinner at La Hacienda. Great to catch up with friends, plus we were joined by my Mom and my future Mother-in-law. My mom moved heaven and earth to fly in early from her trip to Colorado and it meant so much to me!!!! 

4. Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the name almost says it all. There are two people who play songs back and forth, every kind of music you can imagine. It's like a massive karaoke bar and it's a blast. And I got called up on stage to dance with some other bachelorettes! 

5. Sleepover!! Everyone stayed the night, got to wake up the next morning and whack the tar outta the Beibs for some "panty piƱata" fun. 

My sisters put so much effort into every little detail and I'm so appreciative of them and all my wonderful friends who traveled from near and far to celebrate with me. 

#brockbach #success 

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