All About Lauren

Hello there- my name is Lauren and I'm so happy you're here!

A little about me:

  •  I am a speech language pathologist (SLP), or also known as "a speech therapist", who works in a retirement community/nursing home. I had originally designed this blog for SLP related posts, but it has grown into an "everything blog". 

  • I am getting married on July 20, 2013 to my best friend, Dustin. You can read all about our engagement story here. For now, my whole life feels like it revolves around this! 
  • Some things I love: my family & friends, living in Texas, traveling, Bravo and anything Real Housewives related (I know, I'm ashamed to admit it), OU football, being an "ex band-nerd", and many more.

Thanks for coming by my little space in Blogword and I hope you stick around for more!